Got Questions? Here's some answers!

How do I apply for a job at Bordertown?

It's easy to apply for a job here, just walk in the door and ask for an application. Dropping off a resume with your application is great too. Please only email us about jobs if you are out of state or unable to come in. Emails are great but since this is the service industry consider that things can change fast and if you don't have an application on file you cannot be considered for a job.

What if I haven't ever worked in a coffee shop? Would you still consider hiring me?

Absolutely. We love it when someone has some experience but as long as you a) love coffee b) care about people we can train you to be a barista.

Why isn't all your coffee "Fair Trade Certified"?

Our roaster and importer work exclusively with small farms. What this means is that our coffee is bought at above fair trade prices and more of that money gets into the hands of the actual farmer, which in the end strengthens their community and their business. While we love the philosophy behind the fair trade certification we believe that this is a more ethical system that involves an actual hands on approach from our importer, which then guarantees that the system is working. In the end we believe this is better for everyone involved, especially the growers.

Can I bring in my own food or coffee?

We do not allow any outside food or beverage in Bordertown. We still like you, but please leave your own food/drinks outside.

How much are refills?  

Drip Coffee gets one free refill the same day, as long as you keep your cup. Everything refill after that is 50cents. Iced Tea and Iced Coffee are 50cents per refill. 

Why do your hours change in the summer?

Bordertown lives and breathes with the University of MInnesota. During the summer and during school breaks the majority of our customer base goes home or on vacation. While we hate cutting our hours back it's something we need to do in order to continue to serve our customer base all year long.

Is there parking?

Sadly we do not have customer parking available. There is street parking in front of our shop and lots of other parking around Dinkytown and the 4th Street Parking ramp is right across 4th.

Is Bordertown some kind of fraternity?

Nope. We are a coffee shop that happens to be inside an old fraternity building. 

Who am I supporting when I buy something from Bordertown?

You are supporting the employees who work here. We are a small, independent & non-profit coffee shop and aside from some of the social justice things we support (like the children's orphanage in Juarez and the various events we have to raise awareness about social issues) all of the money we bring in stays right here. It's that simple.

Have other questions we didn't answer here? Email us! 

We do get a lot of email so if you need to order something or reserve the library room please call or stop in in order to ensure faster service. Thanks!